Ideal Natural Cat Care

November 28, 2016


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Natural Cat Care

Natural cat care ranges from use of homeopathic methods to simply choosing organic and natural products when they are available instead of using medicated ones. This can range from use of olive oil to combat ear mites, to creating homemade food for your cat. One can chose to use wheat, corn, pine or paper based litter instead of clay litters. There are even crystal litters that will absorb urine and break down feces to prevent disease and infection. There are vets that use acupuncture and other methods to treat illnesses instead of or alongside more traditional methods.

The basis of natural cat care is preventive grooming. By taking a more active role in the grooming of your cat, through daily brushing of coat and teeth, trimming nails or hair as needed, wiping the eyes and nose to keep mucus and crusting discharges under control, watching for fleas and ticks, and doing regular exams on your pet you can do a lot to prevent needing traditional medicines. Using massage, brushing, and exams can go a long way to allowing you to take steps to fight little problems before they become life threateningly large ones. Not only will this give you a happy, healthy pet, but it will improve the bond that exists between you and your cat.

A foundational approach to natural cat care includes cultivation of a relationship with a vet to ensure that natural remedies are correct for your pet. Use of homemade food might not be the best for all situations, but your vet can advise you if your pet has special needs that require supplements. If homemade food is not right, you can find organic or raw foods made for cats online through special stores. The vet can perform spaying and neutering as needed to eliminate behavior issues that might lead to the need for medicines in the future, like fighting, breeding, or trying to get outside. Keeping your pet happy and healthy is the vet’s job after all.

Combining natural cat care with bio-awareness means that in addition to sticking with natural remedies that you seek to use things that are environmentally sound. This would mean choosing litter for your cat that is biodegradable, avoiding the use of clay based litters. You can choose from corn-based, pine- based, or other type of “flushable” litter, or use a crystal based litter that has no clay. You can chose organic foods to reduce the use of chemicals in food production. These organic foods would be better for your pet because they do not have artificial dyes or coloring agents in them.

You can find shops, webpages, blogs, forums and other online resources to help you decide if natural cat care is right for you and your cat. With an active community online, finding help with answering your questions is easy. Taking a natural approach does not mean ignoring the vet trips, but rather seeking ways to protect your cat from dangers that commercial products might pose.

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