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Daily budgeting is important and becomes even more so because of the financial crisis we are all facing these days, therefore it is imperative that we minimize spending and focus on saving. When your kids are struggling in school, particularly in English, in the past you may have hired the service of a tutor but now, because each penny counts, you would have to consider ending their private lessons. When this happens, you can learn how to teach your kids good English and hiring a tutor would not be a concern anymore.

But the challenge is when parents try to teach their kids English, they find it hard to get undivided attention of kids. Learning can be difficult when children are not listening because they are busy playing or doing other things. You need to make studying English memorable and fun, instead of being a chore and frustrating. Below are some things you can that will make learning English fun.

As parents, you need to know that your children have endless imagination. That is one tool you can use when you are teaching English to them. You can use pictures as teaching tools by asking them what the picture and letting them pronounce it. When there are words they cannot identify or mispronounced, that is when you gently say the correct pronunciation. Gentle explanation and correction are needed when handling kids. You can also read them stories, like fairy tales. After you have finished reading, you can start pronunciation practice until they have become familiar with it.
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Combining English language with creativity is another thing that you can do. For example, you can ask them to spell the name of whatever is drawn on a paper using colored markers or crayons. Using colors and art is good because children like it. Practice session can be done by spelling words which build their confidence and help them be more inclined to study English.

You may also opt for TEFL flashcards. If your first language is not English, flash cards for kids is the best way of name retention. TEFL flashcards use both pictures and names. Give your kids the chance to pick objects they want to draw and spell by giving them blank flashcards.

You can also utilize computer games that teach English grammar like Bookworm and many others. Teaching English can be easier when you use online resources.

Your children can learn good English in many different settings like field trips, movie houses, or even going to the grocery. Let them experience learning instead of just teaching them theories or principles. Just keep in mind not to be too rigid in teaching English. Make your kids English learning both fun-filled and educational.