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Natural Ways to Treat Bladder Stones of Cats

November 28, 2016


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Many cat owners offen experience ill behavior of their cats but are unable to understand for what reason they are behaving so strangely. If your cat is also behaving weird then there are utmost chances that it may have a stone in the bladder. One of the numerous concerns of cat owners is the issue of cat bladder stones. Cats are helpless to the development of urinary stones on account of their little urethra. Bladder stones structure when there is develop of minerals in the bladder or in the urinary tract. At the point when these stones have amassed in the urinary tract, they may structure a fitting and piece the stream of pee. At the point when this happens, the feline may begin to feel a mixed bag of uncomfortable indications.

Symptoms connected with the formation of urinary stones incorporate fever, loss of hankering, dormancy and anxiety, and great agony. The creature might likewise begin to hint at creating just little measures of pee and more regrettable, not urinating whatsoever. Not creating any measure of pee may mean a complete blockage has happened. Such a condition is pivotal and the feline must be taken quickly to the vet for treatment.

Typically, a complete blockage may oblige surgery and other legitimate restorative techniques. At the point when the feline has experienced surgery, however, it is still conceivable that it will get the malady once more. Surgery is not by any means ensuring that the pet won’t experience the ill effects of the malady once more.

As a dependable feline holder, you can help keep the repeat of the sickness. There are approaches to treat and keep the repeat of bladders stones. One route is to give your pet abundant measures of fluid consistently. Fluid or water can help keep the pee ph of creatures at an ordinary level, keeping the development of struvite stones. Struvite gems can structure and piece the bladder when the ph of the pee is excessively basic or acidic. At the point when the ph level of the pee is typical, urinary stones can’t structure and subsequently, no blockage will happen.

An alternate common cat bladder stone treatment is verifying that the pet gets enough sustenance and is consuming the privilege diet and proper cat supplement for stones. Sustenance and eating regimen assumes an incredible part on whether bladder stones will structure. Some business pet nourishments that we are sustaining our pet may really contain fixings that can incline out pet to bladder stones and other urinary issues. To guarantee that the feline is consuming right, you may need to cook a hand crafted formula complete with nutritious elements for it.

Giving cats natural and homeopathic cures and other common cat supplement for stones likewise help in treating and forestalling bladder stones. Common supplement items, for example, UTI Free may contain characteristic fixings that are particularly helpful to feline’s wellbeing. Normal elements for these items incorporate Staphysagris, Cantharis, Berberis vulgaris and uva ursi which are known to support the resistant framework and keep the event of disease and other urinary sicknesses.

The Ultimate Guide to Lessons

November 28, 2016


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Raccoons, opossums, mice, bats, and birds can all be adorable and fun to watch, but some people just don’t understand the potential dangers that these forms of wildlife can pose to their family and pets. An encounter with even a small and seemingly harmless wild animal that finds their way onto your property can result in serious consequences for you, your children and your luxury dogs and cats.

Wild mammals and birds can damage your property, upset trash receptacles and set up nests in your yard, in your shed or even in accessible areas of your home. Certain forms of wildlife carry fleas, lice and ticks and can bring the threat of potentially deadly diseases like rabies.

Simple Steps to Protect Your Family and Pets

Even if you live in an area where wildlife sightings are very common, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there needs to be an imminent danger to your kids, dogs, and cats. In fact, there are some very simple steps that you can take to minimize the potential risk of an unwanted wildlife encounter:

Keep Trash Bins Securely Covered

Squirrels, rats, raccoons, opossums and wild cats all love to rummage through the garbage that contains scraps of food. By keeping trash in tightly tied bags and in cans with secure lids, you eliminate a major source of attraction for wildlife.

Make sure your Fence is in Good Condition

Fixing holes or replacing missing planks in the fence around your property keeps rabbits, raccoons, and many other mammals off of your property. A secure boundary really minimizes the chances for a potentially dangerous encounter between a wild animal and your pets or children.

Don’t leave Pets Outside Unattended

Even with a solid fence, some animals will still find their way into your yard. If your dogs are out roaming for extended periods they have a greater chance of coming across a wild animal that has made its way onto your property. If the animal has a nest or a food source nearby they may become aggressive and look to protect instead of escape. This can result in serious injury to both your pet and the wild animal.

Keep Cats Indoors

Cats are natural hunters and are not necessarily deterred by your fence. If there is a bird or rabbit in a neighbor’s yard, they will likely give chase. A cat who exits the confines of your property is at a much greater risk of injury due to a wild animal attack, but to other dangers (like traffic, poison or traps left out by others for wild animals, etc.)

Ultrasonic Pest Protection

Ultrasonic pest repellents use high-frequency sound waves to drive away a variety of pests, rodents, and insects. For homeowners who are looking for a hands off and mess free method of keeping unwanted pests out of their home, this can be a safe and effective solution.

Ultrasonic repellents are safe for humans and family pets (you can’t hear the sounds, neither can your pets, there are no poisons and no danger of pets or kids suffering the injuries that can occur from snap traps). After the fast and easy initial setup, there is nothing to do but allow the device to work driving away unwanted pests.

In addition to the steps above, simply avoiding contact with wildlife is also a major factor in keeping pets and family members safe. Don’t leave food out for wild animals, don’t intentionally engage with them and never encourage your pets to interact with wildlife.

Even those with the best of intentions and those who have taken the proactive measures mentioned above can still find themselves in a position where a wild animal has entered their home or garage and is posing a potential threat. In these instances, it is important that the situation is handled properly to minimize the risk.

It’s never a good idea to attempt to poison a wild animal on your property. Poison baits have elements that attract wildlife (they look and smell like food), which may also attract your family pets.

Cornering a wild animal is also not advisable. Raccoons, opossums, and birds can all become very territorial, especially if they have a nest nearby. Cornering them can insight an attack, which can result in serious injury for any people or pets in the area.

If a wild animal has set up residence in your home, garage or yard or is posing a threat to your family it makes sense to enlist the help of a professional. A wildlife control expert can quickly analyze the wildlife threat on your property and take the best steps toward removal in a manner that ensures the safety of your family and your pets and with minimal risk to the wild animal.

Read Carefully Before Choosing The Best Cat Litter For Your Lovely Cat

November 28, 2016


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Cat owners are always becoming very sensitive about their cat’s health and diet. As a result of that, all the time they use to look for the best quality products for their cats. Among the different things, cat litter is the most thinkable and valuable item for that any cat owner should take some extra care. If you are dealing with these products for many years then you already knew that there are numerous kinds of litters are available in the market for the uses of cat.

Day by day the awareness for the pets is increasing at their own speed. And as a result of that, new kinds of pet materials are going to be introduced for the new pet owners. Basically pet owners are now faced with multitude of kitty litter product choices. So at the time of buying these products they got confused. For the help of those confused buyers, here is a description of the pros and cons of several cat litters.


Though there are many kinds of litters are available in market but conventional clay litter is still favored by the experienced cat owners. The popularity of this product depends on the quality of these products as this litter is made up with natural product with dark colored clays mostly mined in central US and white clay mined in Florida.

Benefits of This Kind of Litter:

  • The materials used in this litter box always absorb three times its weight in liquid.
  • There are many litter box available in the market but among all it is often less expensive than other types of litters.

Drawbacks of This Kind of Litter:

  • Clay is heavy, so bags and containers can be harder to lift.
  • Although clay is a natural product, it’s a nonrenewable resource.
  • It can be dusty.


This is also known as clumping. Basically it clumps together when wet into balls and for that reason it can be easily scooped and disposed of.

Benefits of This Kind of Litter:

  • With this kind of litter, manufacturers add some kind of odor control such as baking soda or activated charcoal.
  • As it is scoop able, so the clean up process is really very easy.

Drawbacks of This Kind of Litter:

  • As these are scoop able so the base of this product is often non renewable resource.
  • There are many cat owners who used to flush this product down the toilet which in future can clog the plumbing system and hurt the environment.


Among the other litter, this is known as the best cat litter. They are made from various plant resources like wood, products, corn, wheat, barley and even dried citrus peels.

If you are a new cat owner then you need to consult with an experienced and professional specialist as they are the best medium to help you out from the problem. They can suggest you the best possible measure to make you and your cat happy.

Torquay Animal House

November 28, 2016


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They have five vets with experience and diverse interests, they service in areas within the surf coast, Torquay and also have customers who come all the way from Melbourne as well as Geelong and this is due to the philosophy of their practice and as a result of their services that are loved by many clients. In addition to the above, these vets are so much dedicated that they frequently stay up-to-date with veterinary advances through ongoing conferences and education courses as well as studying online.

Conversely, they have various vet precise and professional resources obtainable to them. They are so much proud of having been capable of accessing the information they require to aid during hard and challenging tribulations across their field. More importantly, they have a broad range of modern equipment as well big hospitals to assist them to perform their jobs well. As a result of all the above at the end of each day, this pet affectionate customers they to drive their vet services they struggle to deliver

Pet Insurance services

Torquay animal house works so hard to give a top quality veterinary services to make sure that your beloved pet can enjoy a happy and healthy life just like humans beings, they deserve the best treatment not to be ignored that’s why these vets are here to help you. More interestingly, they are also the most influential as well as keen followers of pet health insurance. Yes being a pet owner is quite expensive and you are all alert of standard operating costs for example neutering, feeding, vaccinations, annual health checks, worm and flea control. However what normally happen when your pet gets injured or suddenly becomes critically ill and may be at the moment when you are not financially ready for these costs this is where the insurance issue now comes in and you will find out that it’s very significant.

Besides the above, the latest advancements within veterinary care permits them to provide or offer services as well as treatments which were not accessible in the past years but the most unfortunate thing is the fact that these recent options are somehow expensive and pricey even though the pet owners might want to take good care of their pets but most of the time they are not able to because of financial constraints that stop them from offering the best to their pets and more so choosing the better options. Putting some of these animals to sleep given that the owners can’t have the funds for the suitable treatment is so sad.

Why A Cat Tree Is Good For Your Cat

November 28, 2016


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Cats Need Space Too

Cats have lots of energy. They are naturally curious, too. Keeping them in an area where they can’t climb, scratch, play and explore can leave them very frustrated. This can cause them to use your furniture and shelving as scratching posts and climbing spaces. We all know what that means, shredded furniture and picture frames or decorations on the floor. Not to mention how many times have you come home to find your cat on top of the kitchen cabinets. Give your cat a place to exercise and play away from your furnishings. Cat trees offer the best solution for that. They allow your kitty to feel like they have a space that’s all theirs.

Cat Trees- The Substitute Tree

As I said before, cats LOVE to climb. They have a natural instinct to climb, just like their larger cousins in the wild. A cat tree is a great way to keep your kitty happy. And as their name states, it’s a tree built for your cat. There are many sizes and styles of cat trees available. Some have lots of perches and sleeping spaces while others are smaller with less hiding spots. You can even get ones with hanging toys for your pet to enjoy too. Cat trees have multiple posts for scratching and exercising their paw muscles. It also gives them a place to leave their scent. While the perches offer them the heights they seek to feel just like their outside climbing a tree.

Choose The Best Size For Your Home

Cat trees are available is lots of heights and sizes. Smaller units are great if you have limited space while larger units offer more perches and hiding spots. Don’t be afraid to buy a larger tree. Keep in mind that your kitten is going to grow. As it grows, it will also want more space to explore as well as new heights to reach. Taller cat trees offer the height your pet seeks while only taking up the floor space of a smaller unit. Most units offer sisal wrapped posts and carpet or plush lined condos. While older cats tend to nap more, remember younger cats will be looking to play. Many cat trees offer dangling toys for playful pets as well as the condos and climbing tunnels. Be sure to get one with a couple scratching areas. Once your cat has chosen one of these areas, they should start to leave your furniture alone. If you have multiple cats, look for one with more levels and hiding spots so they all can play and relax together. No matter the size of the cat tree you choose, your cat will be sure to love it.

A great pet owner knows that to keep your cat happy, you have to keep them busy. Cat trees offer your furry friend a playground all their own within the safe walls of your home. Make your home a cat friendly space by adding a cat tree for your kitty.

Have You Neutered Your Cat

November 28, 2016


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The most normal procedure is to castrate the male and sterilised the female. There can be various reasons behind sterilisation and castration of cats. It is convenient to not have to have a cat in maturity, and you don’t have to remember to give the cat the birth control pill. Last, but not least, you don’t have to deal with the side effects that comes with the pill and the increased incidence mammary gland cancer.

Why it is important

  • Health reasons: it reduces hormones that can protect your female cat from diseases, such as womb infections and cancer. An uncastrated male cat have a high risk of serious infectious diseases such as feline immunodeficiency virus (feline ‘AIDS’) and feline leukemia virus.
  • Unwanted pregnancy: cats can produce 12 kittens within a year. The year after these 14 cats could produce 84 kittens. Within 10 years this could end in over 89 million cats. Of course, this doesn’t happen in reality, but it illustrates what a tremendous procreative power that cats have. Sterilisation will reduce and prevent the number of homeless cats. This is especially important when it comes to street cats and street dogs, because this could become a huge problem. They will not be cared for and will most likely suffer from diseases like cat flu and aggressive viruses.
  • Control of nuisance: if the cat is not going to be used in breeding, there may be good reasons to neuter because the cat won’t be spraying urine and “moaning” after the opposite sex, which can be quite unpleasant. A neutered male does not often fight, doesn’t roam, doesn’t go far away from their home and releases the stress levels that come with marking their territory and dominance.

How is it done?

The cat will be put under general anesthesia and the operation area will be shaved, and then washed and disinfected. Area of operations are covered sterile to avoid infections. For the female cat, the sterilisation is done by a cut in their belly where the ovaries and uterus (womb) are being removed. For the male cat they cut into the scrotum to take out the testicles. The cat will be able to return to home the same day as surgery is performed. The cat should not be left alone at home after the day of surgery, but can normally eat when it comes home. The skin sutures will normally be removed after 7-10 days. If the cat starts licking the skin sutures, it should wear a collar or a body to prevent this so your cat doesn’t make any damage to the wound.

When should it be done?

Cats normally get sterilised when they are about 6 months old, but it could be done as early as 4 months of age. For female cats it’s recommended that she is spayed before she reaches sexual maturity. Earlier it was said that the cat should have at least one litter of kittens, but this is unnecessary.

What are the risks?

The disadvantage of neutering is that the cats metabolism will be lower, and they tend to put on weight. An overweight cat has again a greater risk of developing diabetes, urinary tract infections and crystals in the urine, as well as other diseases associated with being overweight. Therefore, it is important to start feeding the cat with a lining especially for castrated cats after the procedure, containing lower calories than usual food and maintain the urinary tract. There are several different food of this type on the market. It is also important to keep the cat in activity daily if it is a little lazy.

Street cats

In countries like Turkey, Greece and Romania there are several volunteer organisations who is working for giving street cats a better life by taking them to the veterinary for spaying and castration. After the neutering is done the cats either go to a shelter for rest, or they are being released back to the street and their surroundings. The risk for street cats after an operation is to be put back to the street, most often without any protection of the wound, and this can cause infection. To be able do to this work, they are counting on donations from local people or people around the world.

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