Read Carefully Before Choosing The Best Cat Litter For Your Lovely Cat

November 28, 2016


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Cat owners are always becoming very sensitive about their cat’s health and diet. As a result of that, all the time they use to look for the best quality products for their cats. Among the different things, cat litter is the most thinkable and valuable item for that any cat owner should take some extra care. If you are dealing with these products for many years then you already knew that there are numerous kinds of litters are available in the market for the uses of cat.

Day by day the awareness for the pets is increasing at their own speed. And as a result of that, new kinds of pet materials are going to be introduced for the new pet owners. Basically pet owners are now faced with multitude of kitty litter product choices. So at the time of buying these products they got confused. For the help of those confused buyers, here is a description of the pros and cons of several cat litters.


Though there are many kinds of litters are available in market but conventional clay litter is still favored by the experienced cat owners. The popularity of this product depends on the quality of these products as this litter is made up with natural product with dark colored clays mostly mined in central US and white clay mined in Florida.

Benefits of This Kind of Litter:

  • The materials used in this litter box always absorb three times its weight in liquid.
  • There are many litter box available in the market but among all it is often less expensive than other types of litters.

Drawbacks of This Kind of Litter:

  • Clay is heavy, so bags and containers can be harder to lift.
  • Although clay is a natural product, it’s a nonrenewable resource.
  • It can be dusty.


This is also known as clumping. Basically it clumps together when wet into balls and for that reason it can be easily scooped and disposed of.

Benefits of This Kind of Litter:

  • With this kind of litter, manufacturers add some kind of odor control such as baking soda or activated charcoal.
  • As it is scoop able, so the clean up process is really very easy.

Drawbacks of This Kind of Litter:

  • As these are scoop able so the base of this product is often non renewable resource.
  • There are many cat owners who used to flush this product down the toilet which in future can clog the plumbing system and hurt the environment.


Among the other litter, this is known as the best cat litter. They are made from various plant resources like wood, products, corn, wheat, barley and even dried citrus peels.

If you are a new cat owner then you need to consult with an experienced and professional specialist as they are the best medium to help you out from the problem. They can suggest you the best possible measure to make you and your cat happy.