Three Serious Effects of Fleas on Cats

November 28, 2016


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Fleas are a big problem and when it comes to your kitty, the situation becomes even more difficult due to the irritation caused by these pesky parasites. The problem is that your cat scratches and bites itself, which results in skin irritation due to the presence of fleas. The most important thing as a cat owner is to recognize that your tabby is actually suffering due to fleas. This write-up will give you enough ideas about that along with the serious effects that fleas can have on her.

Before beginning with the central topic, it is very important to understand what exactly are fleas and how do they affect your furry friend? Fleas are bloodsucking parasites that are visible when you part the fur of your kitty and scrutinize the skin with close scrutinization. These pests have mighty back legs that enable them to jump and move easily through the cat’s fur. In order to confirm the presence of fleas on your feline, keep the pet in an upright position. Keep a piece of white paper beneath her paws. Try to rough up the coat. If you see dark things falling on the paper softly, spray them with a demister bottle containing water.

In case, the dark things are bleeding on the paper with a reddish stain, it means that these are flea dirt – the fecal matter of adult fleas, that mainly is composed from your cat’s dried blood. If sand and pepper colored residue is present on the kitty’s skin, it means that there are fleas on her body. The white things that you see are nothing, but the flea eggs. While the dark ones are dirt flea, upon which the freshly born larvae will soon be fed.

Three Serious Effects Of Fleas On Cats

    • These pesky parasites can have adverse effects on your feline along with other pets residing in the household. It also harms humans that share the environment. A flea bite can cause irritation and itchiness in cats. Certain felines are allergic to the saliva of fleas that can result in great distress and discomfort in them. If your kitty is allergic to the flea bites, she would bite the affected area, until the hairs come out and the area becomes red and raw. It can even result in dermatitis, that can cause further aggravation, if the itchiness does not go away.
    • Even dog tapeworm can lead to a flea infestation, as fleas become host of these worms that get ingested by the feline, while grooming. There are certain fleas that carry tapeworm cyst. The peculiar thing about these tapeworms is that they grow in the intestine of the kitty, that can be seen in the form of small worm segments close to the anus. This is the most commonly found tapeworm form that can be seen in cats. It is mainly caused due to fleas.
  • Human beings are also not spared by fleas. Young kitties get painful and allergic reaction with the flea bite. The problem is that since these pesky parasites have the ability to fly more than 12 inches. They can swarm your feet and lower legs and ankles, while attacking you and sucking your blood.

Since flea bites are extremely lethal for the health of your kitty, it is important to get a good flea preventative treatment from the market; to get rid of these irritating pests.