The Best Mop Bucket for My House

March 4, 2020


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When I first moved to my house about a year ago, I loved the hardwood floors throughout the kitchen, dining room and family room. I had never had this type of floor, but it was gorgeous. I used to get on my hands and knees and scrub it, but a friend told me I was putting too much work into it. She told me to look online for the best mop buckets and read some reviews. She said that there are a lot of different mops and buckets out there, but not all of them are created equally.

She knew this from experience because she has no carpeting at all in her house. She told me the mop bucket that she uses, but she told me to look at different ones because what works for her might not work out so well for me. That made sense, so I looked online and found a site that actually has the top ten mop buckets as well as reviews for each one explaining why they are part of this exclusive top ten list. I looked over the list, and I was surprised that mop buckets can be so different.

Some of the mops were for commercial buildings, and I knew I would not need one of those. I looked at a spin mop and bucket system though that I really liked. It looked like it could be for both commercial and residential, so I looked further into it. I liked that it features a 360 spinning mop, which would definitely make it much easier on me to handle cleaning three large rooms with the mop. Also, the actual bucket has wheels, and that makes it easier to move the bucket around all three rooms. That is the one that I ended up getting, and it has definitely made cleaning my rooms much easier on me.